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Leasing, a Great Opportunity for More Transparency

As the cost of vehicles goes up, leasing is making a strong rebound in the market.  OEM and dealer advertising are putting a strong focus on their lease programs. And with extra money in their pockets (tax breaks, increased salaries, etc.)...

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It’s Not About Reviews

It's Not About Reviews Over the last few years consumers have become empowered with access to information that makes them better shoppers for various products and services. We’ve also seen auto dealers scramble to utilize reviews to look good online, but sometimes...

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Recruiting & Training Cost Dealers Over $1 Billion a Year

Recruiting & Training Cost Dealers Over $1 Billion a Year Recruiting Costs for Auto Retailers Let's say 56% of the 17,838 new car dealerships (rooftops)* do recruiting for sales people, managers and other staff. That's 9,989 dealerships. (* Urban Science Report Jan...

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6 Things to Tell a Car Salesman

6 Things to Tell A Car Salesman Vehicle shopping is getting more challenging than ever. The Internet is both a source of information and confusion. There are many so called “experts” sharing tips with consumers but rather than inform they often only serve to scare the...

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GM REPman = Half a Solution

GM REPman = Half a Solution General Motors recognizes that what customers say publicly about dealers has an influence on a dealer's reputation and on the GM Brand. That is good news for dealers and confirms what Carfolks has been sharing with dealers and sales...

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It’s Okay to be a Mediocre Dealership

In today’s society, there are only two things people talk about: the bad and the outstanding experiences. Companies who are mediocre don’t garner media attention or stand out in the industry. They have a consistent team, keep plugging away, and most of them run at a profit. They just choose to operate in their comfort zone and not push the marketing or customer experience envelope.

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Embrace the Customer Experience

Embrace the Customer Experience The Video below features Greg Gianforte speaking on Why Consumers Call the Shots (if the video does not appear -click here) Vehicle manufacturers recognize that customer satisfaction is not customer loyalty. To help dealers build long...

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8 SEO Terms Every Auto Dealer Should Know

8 SEO Terms Every Auto Dealer Should Know While most dealerships acknowledge the importance of SEO, many dealerships do not fully grasp the concepts or terminology involved in achieving their search engine visibility goals. Understanding these 8 key SEO terms will...

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Are You an Instamatic in an iPhone World?

Are You an Instamatic in an iPhone World? An Apple commercial recently debuted showing the many ways that iPhone users were utilizing the camera.  In the commercial there is only one line of dialog, "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other...

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Is Word of Mouth Powerful?

Is Word of Mouth Powerful? Word of Mouth Advertising is powerful, but you can't buy it with a phone call to your ad agency. Advice from friends, family members and co-workers is often a strong influence of where the consumer will buy a product or service. That's the...

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A Dealer’s Reputation

A Dealer's Reputation A dealer’s reputation is only as good as their people.  Employee turnover in auto retailing remains a major challenge and dealerships continue to spend large amounts of time and money to address the issue.  As an industry we spend over $1 billion...

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Everything You’ll Learn at a Digital Dealer Conference?

What You'll Learn at Digital Dealer Conferences The Digital Dealer Conferences are an industry standard and provide incredible information. They always have knowledgeable presenters sharing information on timely topics as well as the industry basics. If you could not...

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