5 Creative Ways to Hire Millennials

Millennials, Gen Y’ers, the Internet generation…whatever you may call them, they’re here to stay. This 1980’s and 1990’s born group has dealt with a slew of judgments over the past years.

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It's Not About Reviews

Internet consumers are now empowered when shopping for a vehicle and a dealer.  It’s also never been easier to compare prices, level of service, and of course the timeliness of delivery or services they want, but it’s not about reviews.

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A Dealer's Reputation

A dealer’s reputation is only as good as their people.  Employee turnover in auto retailing remains a major challenge and dealerships continue to spend over $ 1 Billion annually for recruiting, hiring and training.

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Are You an Instamatic in an iPhone World

Technology and access to information is always changing.  Auto retailers need a strong core culture, but they also need to adapt to new changes in the business process.
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Truth in Marketing

Nowhere in history have auto dealers had more options, channels and media to promote their business to the public.  And while these choices are great they can also be confusing, frustrating, and at times expensive.

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Do You Abuse Twitter?

As we have all seen dealers jumping in with both feet on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter; but do their tweets provide value, or are they just annoying “spam-tweets?”

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Top 6 Auto Finance Tips

Your Turn To Drive, Episode 5 discusses what you need to know before you try to finance a new car.  Jim Dykstra, CEO of vinadvisor, Mark Dubis of Carfolks and Joe Webb of Dealer Knows are the panel of experts to help you with some inside tips and information to help...

It’s Okay to be a Mediocre Dealership

In today's society there are only two things people talk about: the bad and the outstanding experiences. Companies who are mediocre don’t garner media attention or stand out in the industry. They have a consistent team, keep plugging away, and most of them run at a...

8 SEO Terms Every Auto Dealer Should Know

While most dealerships acknowledge the importance of SEO, many dealerships do not fully grasp the concepts or terminology involved in achieving their search engine visibility goals. Understanding these 8 key SEO terms will allow your dealership to maximize the efforts...

Car brands with the best, worst image with the public

Carfolks completed research last year showing that some car brands are trusted more than others. We used that information in one of our advertisements. You can click the image here to see that advertisement. USA Today featured an article highlighting a survey by...

TrueCar & Auto Industry Real Numbers

There is always some lively discussions about TrueCar and the value they offer consumers and auto dealers. I thought I would share some stats gathered from industry and public reporting sources. Latest NADA and Urban Science stats said new car dealerships sold approx....

GM REPman = Half a Solution

General Motors recognizes that what customers say publicly about dealers has an influence on a dealer's reputation and on the GM Brand. That is good news for dealers and confirms what Carfolks has been sharing with dealers and sales professionals for the last few...

6 Things to Tell a Car Salesman

Vehicle shopping is getting more challenging than ever. The Internet is both a source of information and confusion. There are many so called “experts” sharing tips with consumers but rather than inform they often only serve to scare the public rather than educate them...

Auto Sales Professionals Don’t Need a Personal Logo

Building a book of business for auto sales professionals use to consist of taking great care of customers, staying in touch with them via calls and birthday cards, and working the network of friend and family members of those customers.   The Internet and technology...

Scott Stratten on Authenticity & Digital Marketing

Scott Stratten, the president of UnMarketing and author of UnSelling, QR Codes Kill Kittens and UnMarketing spoke with Mark Dubis representing Automotive Digest at the Content Marketing World event held in Cleveland last year. In this interview Scott speaks about...

Everything You’ll Learn at Digital Dealer Conference?

The Digital Dealer Conferences are an industry standard and provide incredible information. They always have knowledgeable presenters sharing information on timely topics as well as the industry basics. If you could not attend a recent Digital Dealer Conference,...

5 Creative Ways to Hire Millennials

This post contributed by Natalie Pike of Hireology - October 2014 Millennials, Gen Y'ers, the Internet generation...whatever you may call them, they're here to stay. This 1980's and 1990's born group has dealt with a slew of judgments over the past years. Some say...

Edmunds Hackomotive Validates Carfolks.com

Every one speaks about ways to improve the auto buying experience, so this past March Edmunds held a "Hackomotive" and invited 19 teams of people to compete against each other for $28,000 in prize money. About a half-dozen of the 19 teams suggested solutions consisted...

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