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Embrace the Customer Experience

Embrace the Customer Experience The Video below features Greg Gianforte speaking on Why Consumers Call the Shots (if the video does not appear -click here) Vehicle manufacturers recognize that customer satisfaction is not customer loyalty. To help dealers build long...

6 Things to Tell a Car Salesman

6 Things to Tell A Car Salesman Vehicle shopping is getting more challenging than ever. The Internet is both a source of information and confusion. There are many so called “experts” sharing tips with consumers but rather than inform they often only serve to scare the...

GM REPman = Half a Solution

GM REPman = Half a Solution General Motors recognizes that what customers say publicly about dealers has an influence on a dealer's reputation and on the GM Brand. That is good news for dealers and confirms what Carfolks has been sharing with dealers and sales...

Auto buyers are looking for local dealers who care about their customers.

Consumers are calling the shots today and dealers must provide a great buying and service experience to earn their business and loyalty. We offer High-Impact, High-Value, Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to build your brand and your profits.