Differentiate your dealership from the competition,

Strengthen customer loyalty to enhance your local brand,

Build your employee’s brand to boost referrals and sales volumes,

. . . and do it all in a cost effective fashion.

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Engagement Marketing

If you want to connect with customers and prospects, engagement marketing is the best way to bring “fresh ups” into the showroom and service department.  There are some amazingly simple and inexpensive ways to stand out in the market, build trust in the community, and create a powerful word-of-mouth referral network. We provide a guide with step-by step instructions to make it happen.

Leverage Customer Loyalty

There is a big difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Loyalty requires relationships, not just a singular transaction. The more long term employees a dealership has, the more relationships take root, are cultivated, and harvested again and again.  Be sure your dealership works to provide the tools and engagement opportunities that help them maintain and grow a loyal employee team.

Empower Your Employees

Every day more employees feel disengaged from their company and from their customers. Working in auto retail is challenging at times, that’s why it is critical to recognize team members for doing a good job. When customers post comments about the great performance of individual sales or service professionals, they take more pride in their efforts and work a bit harder the next time to ensure great customer service.

A Leap of Faith

Our programs are built on faith based principles to help auto dealers focus on the things that really matter in life; our spiritual health, our family, and our community.  In an industry not known for its integrity, we offer social proof that reassures customers, employees, and the community that your dealership operates at a level where you truly value these relationships and work hard to serve your neighbors in a helpful and straightforward fashion.


Auto buyers are looking for local dealers who care about their customers.

Consumers are calling the shots today and dealers must provide a great buying and service experience to earn their business and loyalty. We offer High-Impact, High-Value, Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to build your brand and your profits.

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