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Empower Employees For Greater Profits

A dealer’s reputation is only as good as their people. Employee turnover in auto retailing remains a major challenge and dealerships continue to spend large amounts of time and money to address the issue.

Industry research shows that annual turnover for dealership employees runs between 45-60%. Selling cars is a wonderful thing, but it’s a tough job. Some salespeople create their own customer base, but that takes a commitment of a few years. If workers stay for six months or so, it’s hard to achieve that goal. 

If a dealership can’t retain their people it’s nearly impossible to build sustainable customer loyalty. The Carfolks program helps sales professionals accelerate their networks building that loyalty factor important to dealers.

High turnover rates hits dealers on their bottom line. In fact our industry spends over $1 Billion annually in recruiting, hiring and training costs.

A stable workforce means happy and loyal customers. And with a simple way for happy customers to share their experience, those customers will provide social proof that your dealership is committed to providing a great buying and service experience.carfolks-salesperson

The Carfolks Neighbor Approved Dealer program highlights the performance of sales and service personnel.

While training is critical to improve skills, the reality is any money spent on training has limited impact unless team members are held accountable for each customer interaction.

Carfolks makes every employee accountable for providing a great customer experience and helps them build a “virtual brag book” that highlights their neighbor friendly attitude.

When employees have positive reviews on their personal page, it builds their brand, expands their referral network and provides a foundation to help them consistently sell 20 to 30 vehicles a month.

In fact within 9 to 12 months of “working the Carfolks program” up to one half of your team could be working with customers “by appointment only.” That means more sales volume for the dealership and a better work/life balance for dealership team members.

In today’s “instant-on” world it has become clear that consumers are calling more of the shots these days. A recent survey by RightNow Technologies found that “82% of U.S. consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a single bad experience.”

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