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Car brands with the best, worst image with the public

Car brands with the Best, Worst Image with the Public Carfolks completed research last year showing that some car brands are trusted more than others. We used that information in one of our advertisements. You can click the image here to see that advertisement. USA...

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Auto Sales Professionals Don’t Need a Personal Logo

Auto Sales Professionals Don’t Need a Personal Logo Building a book of business for auto sales professionals use to consist of taking great care of customers, staying in touch with them via calls and birthday cards, and working the network of friend and family members...

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Scott Stratten on Authenticity & Digital Marketing

Scott Stratten on Authenticity & Digital Marketing Scott Stratten, the president of UnMarketing and author of UnSelling, QR Codes Kill Kittens and UnMarketing spoke with Mark Dubis representing Automotive Digest at the Content Marketing World event held in Cleveland...

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5 Creative Ways to Hire Millennials

5 Creative Ways to Hire Millennials This post contributed by Natalie Pike of Hireology - October 2014 Millennials, Gen Y'ers, the Internet generation...whatever you may call them, they're here to stay. This 1980's and 1990's born group has dealt with a slew of...

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Edmunds Hackomotive Validates

Edmunds Hackomotive Validates Every one speaks about ways to improve the auto buying experience, so this past March Edmunds held a "Hackomotive" and invited 19 teams of people to compete against each other for $28,000 in prize money. About a half-dozen of...

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Beware of Cheap Imitations

Beware of Cheap Imitations   Contribued by John Brentlinger There is nothing as bogus as a cheap imitation of sincerity. You should have already learned this at home, from your spouse, your children and your in-laws, especially from your in-laws.  How long do you...

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Top 6 Auto Finance Tips

Top 6 Auto Finance Tips Your Turn To Drive, Episode 5 discusses what you need to know before you try to finance a new car.  Jim Dykstra, CEO of vinadvisor, Mark Dubis of Carfolks and Joe Webb of Dealer Knows are the panel of experts to help you with some inside tips...

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TrueCar & Auto Industry Real Numbers

TrueCar & Auto Industry Real Numbers There is always some lively discussions about TrueCar and the value they offer consumers and auto dealers. I thought I would share some stats gathered from industry and public reporting sources. Latest NADA and Urban Science stats...

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Leverage the Truth in Your Marketing

Leverage the Truth in Your Marketing Many of us remember the movie, A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson.  Tom Cruise asks Jack Nicholson's character for the truth to which he replies, "You Can't Handle the Truth." This oft quoted line has become part of...

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America: It’s about neighbors

America: It's About Neighbors The 2013 Super Bowl was a great football game and both teams gave it their all. It was a close game and could have gone either way.   It was also fun to watch the annual parade of commercials. With over 100 million people watching the...

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Real Social Media

Real Social Media When you get down to it, isn't social media, just being nice to your neighbors and communicating in a friendly, straight forward way?  Until dealerships find a way to offer a streamlined, friction free buying process, their online social media...

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Truth in Marketing

Truth in Marketing Nowhere in history have auto dealers had more options, channels and media to promote their business to the public.  And while these choices are great they can also be confusing, frustrating, and at times expensive. Technology has brought us the...

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