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What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas . . .  I recently attended the Remarketing Conference in Las Vegas.  It was held at the Red Rock Resort, which is an incredible Hotel and Casino.  Everything is done first class and the staff  at the hotel is amazing.  They work very hard to...

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Auto Retail Heroes

Auto Retail Heroes The auto retail industry certainly is a lightening rod for lots of consumer complaints.  We've gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years for some shady practices.  The only problem is a minority of the people working in this industry have caused...

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How to Build a Winning Team

How to Build a Winning Team   Each year at the start of football practice, Vince Lombardi, the coach of the Green Bay Packers started his season the same way. His opening statement to his players was, “This is a football.” Every year, John Wooden, the legendary...

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Do You Use or Abuse Twitter?

Do You Use or Abuse Twitter? As we have all seen, auto dealers  are jumping in with both feet on social media channels.  Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and now sales professionals and dealers are recognizing the value of too.   Twitter, initially developed so...

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What Not To Do on Facebook

What Not To Do on Facebook Crass commercialization on Facebook shows your true colors.  It say's "I don't care about the community, I just want to sell something to you slackers."  This is to be avoided at all costs.  Behaviors that trigger this message can come in...

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Get Better at Working your Ups

Get Better at Working Your Ups Stop  Trying  to  get  More  Prospects  in  the  Door  and Start  Teaching  Salespeople  to  deal  better  with  the 'Ups' they  have. Isn't it lovely, the cavalier way we spend so much money on advertising, where we try to get people in...

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The Best Sales Professionals

The Best Sales Professionals Auto shoppers want to deal with professionals who provide a great buying experience.  With over 200,000 sales people working at new car dealerships in the U.S. competition can really heat up.  Sales people need a way to differentiate...

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It’s a Buyers World Out There

It's A Buyers World Out There Consumers are taking control online.  This is nothing new to most of us in auto retailing.  For more than a decade now the average consumer can glean extensive information, reviews, pricing, availability and ownership history on just...

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Your Reputation Matters

Your Reputation Matters More consumers are looking online to find quality products and services.  With the advent of reviews on just about every site, with product comparisons and with search engines posting user generated content, online shoppers have a wealth of...

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People are Talking About You!

People are Talking About You! Most customers leave car dealerships happy or very satisfied with the experience they had with the sales or service department. Problem is, most dealers don't have a simple way for their customers to share those feelings online in a...

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How Do Your Customers Feel?

How Do Your Customers Feel? When people were asked why they bought a car or truck at a specific dealership, they shared the factors influencing their decision. Price of the vehicle was number five on the list of items influencing their decision. I know that may come...

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Whose Responsible for the Customer Relationship?

Whose Responsible for the Customer Relationship? Dealerships take the heat for their people, but the reality is your team members in sales and service interact with customers every day and are the ones who "make or break" the relationships. Problem is, too often your...

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