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Are You an Instamatic in an iPhone World?

Are You an Instamatic in an iPhone World? An Apple commercial recently debuted showing the many ways that iPhone users were utilizing the camera.  In the commercial there is only one line of dialog, "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other...

Is Word of Mouth Powerful?

Is Word of Mouth Powerful? Word of Mouth Advertising is powerful, but you can't buy it with a phone call to your ad agency. Advice from friends, family members and co-workers is often a strong influence of where the consumer will buy a product or service. That's the...

A Dealer’s Reputation

A Dealer's Reputation A dealer’s reputation is only as good as their people.  Employee turnover in auto retailing remains a major challenge and dealerships continue to spend large amounts of time and money to address the issue.  As an industry we spend over $1 billion...

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