Stand Out in The Neighborhood

If Customers Trust You . . . They Will Buy From You

Thousands of auto dealerships provide a great buying and service experience every day, but don’t provide independent social proof to validate that great customer experience.

With our community based approach the “Carfolks Neighbor Approved” program provides your dealership  with a simple, transparent way to show customers and employees that nothing is more important than a great customer experience. Putting emphasis on building and strengthening your family relationships (and in this case family means your customers and employees) helps convey a powerful message in all your marketing channels.

“Carfolks Neighbor Approved Dealer” is a complete advertising and marketing campaign with optional point-of-sales materials, training guides, branded gifts, marketing items, and more. The goal is to help dealers keep customers and employees focused on the incredible benefits of providing a stellar customer sales and service experience.

Carfolks provides dealership customers with a simple, easy, and quick way to share their customer experience in both the sales and service departments.   Also our “30 Second” Survey has been shown to have no negative impact on the volume of factory surveys completed by customers.

Comments go live and dealers are notified instantly if any negative reviews are posted so they can address the issue and get credit online for fixing the problem.

Attract more Moms to your dealership with our targeted strategy.

Once all the staff pages are set up on, our program runs in the background “automagically” every night.  Dealers, their DMS, or CRM vendors control the data sent to Carfolks (1), and the Carfolks program does not require any pricing information or detailed personal identity info from customers. Only a few fields to validate customer reviews and vehicle information are required.

When a dealership and their people use the Carfolks solution it sends a message that the dealership cares about the customer experience, the employees of the dealership, and being a good neighbor.

Utilizing the Carfolks Neighbor Approved seal in your advertising is like having the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” on every customer interaction.

When auto shoppers see you are a Carfolks Neighbor Approved dealer in the market, more of them will put your dealership on their consideration list.

If you care about your reputation and believe in doing the right thing for your family, friends, employees, and community then call us today to join the Carfolks Neighborhood.

Call us at 216-712-6712 and we’ll share how easy it is to join.  

(1) Carfolks is an AutoSoft Flex Connect partner, an approved vendor on DealerVault, and can accept or integrate with all DMS platforms including Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK, Automate and DealerTrack.

“Carfolks Neighbor Approved Dealer” is a branded marketing program owned by LLC and is for the use of Carfolks subscribing dealers only. Unauthorized use of the “Carfolks Neighbor Approved Dealer” slogan and branding is prohibited.

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