The Carfolks Project

Auto retailing has a black eye in the mind of most consumers.  They dread the auto buying experience and most importantly they don’t trust the people or the information they get from auto dealers or their websites. Many resort to using third party and/or independent websites not affiliated with the OEM or the dealer because they feel the information is more objective.

You-Cant-Build-TrustConsumers are calling the shots and they want a great customer experience when they buy or service their vehicles.

The Facts are In:

  • A recent study showed that 82% of U.S. consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a single bad experience.
  • Nielsen research says that 90% of online consumers trust peer recommendations.
  • Industry research shows 68% of consumers said dealership reviews helped them decide where to shop or buy their vehicle.

Reviews are proving to be a strong influence on buyer behavior, but shoppers need to feel the reviews are accurate.

Trust-My-TestimonialsYou can’t build trust when you are not transparent with your reviews.  Using a review process from your website, CRM or DMS provider or your OEM solution might make you feel good by showing all positive reviews but doesn’t instill trust in the minds of your customers, prospects and employees.  We need accountability and have to take steps to solve the problem, not just treat the symptoms. is inviting dealerships and owners to take a leadership role in helping to change the way our industry is perceived and to join the Carfolks Project to show consumers there are dealerships and people in this business that they can trust.

The truth is the power behind Your customers expect it, your customers deserve it. The Carfolks customer review marketing program helps you restore, build and solidify the trust consumers want. On Carfolks, transparency rules the day. . . no manipulation or review filtering, but dealers get the last word.We-ask-consumers helps you promote your people, leverage the loyalty of your customers, and establishes an aura of trust as a “neighbor approved dealer.”

At we take a different approach. We are dealer advocates but consumer accurate. We have created a neighborhood to show the public by our actions that professionals exist to help them buy and service their vehicles at local dealerships.  All reviews go live immediately but dealers on our marketing program get notified instantly of any poor review. Dealers have the ability to contact the customer, determine the best resolution, and then get credit for fixing the issue. And, on our site, the dealer gets the last word.

Consumers know that no company is perfect, but when an issue arises does that company stand behind their products, services, and their people? provides the social evidence that most dealers truly do pride themselves on their customer service and want to do what is right for their customers.

Dealer owners, general managers, marketing executives and vehicle manufacturers . . .  you now have choice to make.  Please help us restore professionalism and trust in our industry.  Contact the Carfolks team today.  (216) 712-6712  or (704) 840-6094.