Your Reputation

In many ways online social media is like the “Wild Wild West.” Everyone now has a voice and after years of corporate CSI surveys which kept results within the company, consumers want their voices heard! They are making companies accountable for their actions and highlighting in many ways the poor service they are getting.

United Airlines accidentally broke a passenger’s guitar on one of their flights.  They were unwilling to help him address the situation.  Exhausting normal complaint channels, he produced a musical video on YouTube about how United handled this situation, and it was viewed by over 8 million people. I can assure you that many people viewing that video are selecting other airlines for their travel plans.

Auto dealers need to be aware of how they treat customers and where customers are posting comments about their services. Dealers need to respond and have a place where customers can post comments and allow the dealer to respond and address the issue. Don’t let industry stereotypes define you or your dealership.  If you are doing things right, then communicate to your neighbors that you are the good guys!  Carfolks does that for dealers.  Sign up today.