5 Creative Ways to Hire Millennials

This post contributed by Natalie Pike of Hireology – October 2014

Millennials, Gen Y’ers, the Internet generation…whatever you may call them, they’re here to stay. This 1980’s and 1990’s born group has dealt with a slew of judgments over the past years. Some say they’re lazy or too trapped in technology, but little do they know, this is the group who will make their company succeed. But first, how can we get ahold of this talented, sought-after bunch? By being creative.


You’re not going to post an ad for an open position in a newspaper because how many 20-something year olds really read the newspaper? You need to go where they are—don’t  expect them to come to you.

Here are 5 ways to creatively hire a millennial:

1. Use social media

I recently watched a video where HireVue founder, Mark Newman, said “you want to be engaging with millennials through the channels of what they’re most comfortable with. Have social media channels for your organization. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever – invest in those and develop them.” Millennials are on social media platforms constantly. They’ll study your social media sites to learn more about the company and most importantly, about your company culture. This is a great way to show it off and make them want to work for you.

2. Revamp your job description

Young job seekers will take one look at a long, wordy, bullet point-filled job description and click “next.” A creative way to draw them in is to tell a story. Give them an overview of what the position entails, but keep it simple. Tell them about the ping-pong table in the conference room or the unlimited vacation days. Think about what will interest them about the position. Grabbing their attention is first and foremost; then you can worry about their qualifications.

Hire-Millenials-Hireology-Blog-Post3. Have a “why”

Millennials want to know why they should take the job and how it will help them achieve their career goals. Gawoop Inc. CEO, Justin Sheratt, said they “need a challenge, a sense of purpose and also a dash of vanity.” He found his best employee by making it clear that the company helps people get jobs (social good). They would help the candidate network and move on if he outgrew them (advancement).  He also proved they work with cutting edge systems and software (training). “These three combined far outweighed salary and perks at that time,” Sheratt said.

4. Live the company brand

This is probably the most critical factor for Generation Y. Whatever your company brand or culture is, stay true to it and be genuine about what you present to them.  If you have five core values that the candidate gravitated towards, but once they began the job only three of them were truly followed, I can’t imagine them being too happy. You want to create loyalty with your employees and living by your brand is crucial to gaining their trust.

5. Show them what it’s like to work there

Stumped on how to execute #4? Try promoting your culture by showing what it’s like to work in your office. Shoot a “day in the life” video. This will show candidates what you have to offer before they even come in to interview. Often times a candidate will then interview and say the video they watched enticed them to work there.

Everyone, no matter what age they are, has the same goal in mind. And that is to be successful.  The same goes with millennials; they just prioritize it differently. Rather than resisting this group, embrace them. They’ll bring new ideas to the table and work harder than most to help your company succeed.


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