America: It’s About Neighbors

The 2013 Super Bowl was a great football game and both teams gave it their all. It was a close game and could have gone either way.   It was also fun to watch the annual parade of commercials. With over 100 million people watching the game, it was an opportunity for companies to put on their “A’ game and make a big splash in their efforts to build their brands and capture the hearts and minds of consumers.Superbowl

I want to focus on a few commercials that were overwhelmingly received and chosen as some of the shown that year. Three are for car companies and the other is the Budweiser commercial about raising a young foal to become one of the prestigious Clydesdale’s which pulls the famous Budweiser beer wagon.

Did you notice the common threads running through these commercials that speaks to our core beliefs about nurturing relationships, our desire to be the best, to love and enjoy life and our families, and do the work that we are called on to do, whether it’s on a farm, or fighting against enemies that threaten our way of life?  The Volkswagen commercial speaks to supporting co-workers on the job and maintaining optimism in the work place.

We are a country that works hard, gives it our all, cherishes what is dear to us, and when the work is done, we enjoy living life to the fullest.  What it all means . . .  is at the end of the day we are all neighbors, watching out for each other, lending a hand, fighting the temptation to take shortcuts to achieve our goals, and recognizing the importance of something simple like a smile.

Watching these commercials reinforced our philosophy at Carfolks which is to connect auto manufacturers and retailers with their customers, prospects and employees. We want to see hardworking folks in auto retailing get recognition for a job well done and get the respect they deserve.

It is our fervent dream and desire that the leaders in our industry share our goals and values and make the effort to do their part to improve professionalism in auto retailing.  Only then can we show the auto buying public that we are trusted neighbors helping them buy and maintain safe and fun vehicles.

Mark Dubis
Home of Neighbor Approved Dealers