While the world is going digital there is a growing segment that still enjoys reading “real magazines” printed on paper. The experience is different from reading a blog and content including text and images have more time to “sink in” and can easily be shared.

Undoubtedly you’ve heard of content marketing; well producing your own custom magazine is the ultimate in content marketing. Your dealership gets to control all the content, select the images, advertisements, the features, and most importantly the cover story.

Every OEM has their magazines for their vehicle owners and they tout their new products and establish a connection with their readers. All this is now within the grasp of any auto dealership.

Making a sale is about building a relationship with the customer and extending connections in the community also builds your brand and highlights a commitment to your city or town. While the magazine would certainly include content to highlight the dealership, its people and its customers, it could also feature content about community activities, groups sponsored by the dealership, and highlight various charities. The content possibilities are endless.

Distribution would be in all departments of the dealership, especially in the customer lounge where customers can leisurely read through the publication. Other distribution points could be through vendors, suppliers, local shops, community centers, and restaurants in the area.

Utilizing digital publishing and production brings a custom magazine within reach of just about every dealership in the country. Pricing depends on the number of pages, quantity, and size of the magazine, and there are also ways to subsidize the cost by getting partners, vendors, and suppliers to place advertising in the magazine. Approximate printing cost for a 1000 copies of a 32-page magazine is under $1900 for a full-color publication. Production costs vary based on who is providing the content but is often about the same as the printing fee. While your competition is running to social media channels where their message is gone in less than 60 seconds, a print publication can last for months and months.

I encourage dealers who are looking for ways to stand out in the market to explore producing their own publication. One caveat is to make sure your editing and production team do not violate any copyright laws and obtain releases for any images of individuals featured in the publication. Want more info, just call us at (216) 712-6712.