Car brands with the Best, Worst Image with the Public

Carfolks completed research last year showing that some car brands are trusted more than others. We used that information in one of our advertisements. We-ask-consumersYou can click the image here to see that advertisement.

USA Today featured an article highlighting a survey by Consumers Reports that says basically the same thing as the Carfolks research.

Here are some highlights from the USA Today article:

  • Toyota, Ford, Honda and Chevrolet are the four brands with the most-favorable public perception, the survey shows.
  • Perception isn’t necessarily reality. The scores are unrelated to CR‘s surveys of reliability or the publication’s road and track tests, nor are they connected to government and private crash-test scores.
  • Thus, a well-regarded car brand actually could be selling bad vehicles, and a poorly regarded brand might sell some of the best. Eventually the reality would change perceptions, but it could take a long time, CR says.

The point of the Carfolks advertisement was to draw attention to the fact that local auto dealers need to build, maintain and promote a good reputation in their market so they are recognized as a “trusted brand.”

Dealers can’t sell a vehicle unless the auto shopper comes in and test drives the vehicle. More test drives equals more sales. The Carfolks Reputation Marketing program helps good, customer focused auto retailers get on the shoppers “consideration list” and gives them an opportunity to highlight their superior customer service.

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