• Consumers want a great buying and service experience from a dealer they can trust

  • Good Dealers want a way to stand out from the competition and retain their best employees

  • Manufacturers want to ensure their products are represented professionally to the consumer

The Carfolks program ensures consumers, dealers and manufacturers all achieve their goals!

Consumers know that most dealers will meet or beat any advertised deal. That means using “price” to draw in customers is becoming ineffectual. Consumers are now calling the shots and they are beginning to insist on a great customer experience when they buy or service a vehicle.

Auto shoppers also rely heavily on reviews to help them decide where to shop or buy their vehicle. Seeing only positive reviews confirms to the shopper that a dealer is not being straightforward with them. Many honest dealers use review platforms that allow manipulation and they often hide negative reviews. When consumers check other review sites they may see the dealer was hiding reviews and that often loses a sale for the dealer.

At Carfolks.com we take a different approach. We are dealer advocates but consumer accurate.

We created a neighborhood to show the public that professionals exist to help them buy and service their vehicles at local dealerships.  All reviews go live immediately but dealers on our program get notified instantly of any poor review. Dealers have the ability to contact the customer, determine the best resolution, resolve the problem, and then get credit for fixing the issue. And, on Carfolks, the dealer gets the last word.  This program also integrates easily with any existing advertising and we work with dealers to build recognition in the local market. 

We know that no company is perfect, but when an issue arises does a company stand behind their products, services, and their people? 

Carfolks provides the social proof that many dealers truly do pride themselves on their customer service and want to do what is right for their customers. The Carfolks solution offers dealers a simple way to show their customers they care!

Carfolks invites dealers to leverage their customers’ loyalty in their marketing and become the most trusted and successful dealership in the area.dilbert2

Getting started is simple!  We offer three options for dealers to become part of the Carfolks neighborhood.

The Carfolks program automates the customer invitation process. Then everyday reviews from customers appear automagically on our site (and the dealership’s site) ready for dealerships to leverage their “Neighbor Approved Dealer” status.

Just call us at (216) 712-6712 to put the power of reputation marketing to work for you! We’ll be happy to give you a tour of the site and share all our program benefits.

We wish you all the best,