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Auto Sales Professionals on Carfolks.comAuto shoppers want to deal with professionals who provide a great buying experience.  With over 200,000 sales people working at new car dealerships in the U.S. competition can really heat up.  Sales people need a way to differentiate themselves from the “run of the mill” car sales guy. offers auto retail sales professionals a way to build their personal brand and allows them to maintain a great reputation as long as they remain in the business, no matter what dealership they work at.

The process is simple, just click the join button on, search for your dealership and then complete the simple form with your information.  After you submit the form we will send you a confirmation to the email you provided. Just click the confirmation (oh yeh, check your spam or junk filter, as your mail system may not recognize us as an approved sender) then just logon with the user id and password you set up and start building your page.  It’s pretty simple.

The critical part is getting reviews from your current and past customers.  Here is where you send a friendly email note or make a phone call and ask them to “share the experience you provided” with their neighbors online at Carfolks “on your personal page.”

There are no “friend” commitments and since they are a customer of your dealership we do not sell their information to any third party. Read our Usage Terms page to get all the details on our policies.  Basically we are dealer advocates who want to show customers who the customer focused dealers and sales people are in their markets, and encourage them to patronize local Carfolks Neighbor Approved dealers.

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