GM REPman = Half a Solution

General Motors recognizes that what customers say publicly about dealers has an influence on a dealer’s reputation and on the GM Brand. That is good news for dealers and confirms what Carfolks has been sharing with dealers and sales professionals for the last few years.

The customer experience rules, and providing a good buying or service experience is critical.customerloyalty

Collecting the customer reviews in an unfettered format insures consumers get accurate information about service levels. The challenge comes when an auto shopper has an initial distrust of the local auto dealership. At that point they might not believe the reviews that appear only on the dealers’ website. When they see a dealer controlled survey they may view this as the fox watching the hen house. And if the over whelming majority of the reviews shown are only good reviews, that further makes the consumer wonder about the credibility of the information shown.

We know most dealers are great people and offer a terrific buying experience, but if they are not providing a transparent review process that shares all the customer reviews (positive and negative) then you risk positioning your dealership as “a typical car dealer.”

Using the GM review program and adding the Reputation Marketing component puts the “icing” on the “cake.”

We would like to invite you to share your GM reviews on an independent third party website. This allows dealers to leverage social evidence that their dealership provides a superior customer experience. Just contact us to set up your account on, then get in touch with carfolks-icon125your reputation vendor and ask them to send a duplicate data feed to anytime they send a feed to your website.

There is no monthly service charge for this program from* Yep, its completely FREE, but check with your reputation vendor to see if they have any fees for the data feed to Carfolks.

These are your reviews, so why not get the most from them.

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* There is a nominal set-up fee to initiate the Carfolks acct and set up the data feed integration on the Carfolks platform. Carfolks reserves the right to remove any dealers from this free program and will provide advance notice of any cancellation of services.