How Do Your Customers Feel?

They never forget how you make them feel.When people were asked why they bought a car or truck at a specific dealership, they shared the factors influencing their decision. Price of the vehicle was number five on the list of items influencing their decision. I know that may come as a shock to many auto dealers because it seems all we talk about is price, price, price.  But answer this question for me.  Are the happiest customers leaving your dealership the ones who paid the lowest price for the vehicle?

If you are honest, you are saying, “heck no!”  My happiest, most loyal customers are not the “mini-deals.” They are the customers who paid a fair price and allowed you and the dealership to make a good profit on the vehicle. That’s a true win-win. When I was selling cars in South Florida, the folks that got the “mini-deals” were a royal pain in my butt. I seemed to work twice as hard, got them a great price and they still didn’t appreciate all the work I did. And, I only made $50 on the whole transaction.

So if our happiest customers are not paying the lowest price, why are we still talking about price all the time?  They talk about price because we as an industry have trained them to talk about price.   Let’s change the conversation. Yes price is important, but consumers want much more from the buying experience. They want to know they are getting a safe car, a stylish car, one that is reliable, and yes they want a car that fits their payment budget too.

Wouldn’t it be nice for you and your dealership to tout the fact that you/your store is the highest rated in customer satisfaction based on comments and reviews from the neighbors of your current prospects?  That is advertising that your prospects can’t ignore. I guarantee they will visit or call to see why your customers love you and buy from you.

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Mark R. Dubis