People are Talking About You!

Most customers leave car dealerships happy or very satisfied with the experience they had with the sales or service department. Problem is, most dealers don’t have a simple way for their customers to share those feelings online in a public forum where the dealer can leverage it for marketing purposes.

Carfolks does that for dealerships! We reward you and your employees for doing things right. As a dealer advocate site we want consumers to find accurate information about their local dealers and when problems pop up, as they normally do, we have a system for dealers to address those issues and show the world that they care about their customers.

Online Reviews Are Here to Stay

78% of consumers trust peer recommendations,
58% recommended company’s because of outstanding service,
87% of consumers said they boycotted a company after one negative experience.*

This means every auto retailer needs to beTalking About Your Dealership at the top of their game and offer great professional service. Participation on gives you a jump start and a solid marketing opportunity to beat your competitors to the “social evidence” punch.

* Harris Interactive, “Customer Experience Report” 2008

Lets face it, car dealers are a target for every upset customer, chronic complainer and folks that want to take potshots at dealers whether they deserve it or not.

The Internet provides fertile ground for these negative comments. With millions of visitors everyday, just a few bad comments posted on sites like FaceBook, RipOffReport, YouTube and various search engines can damage a dealers’ reputation very quickly.

Carfolks is different from other review or social networks. By initiating the conversation, and working as part of a dealers’ marketing program, Carfolks provides a neighborhood where customers and dealers can resolve issues to their mutual satisfaction. Carfolks rewards pro-active dealers with a higher volume of customer (user generated) content. This means greater visibility on the Internet using proven search engine optimized strategies.

Consumers are going online and looking for dealerships that will give them a great buying experience, and by pushing more comments to the web.

Carfolks helps these auto shoppers find dealers who have a record of treating customers great before during and after the sale.  Call (216) 712-6712 for information on how you can be part of the conversation.