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Recruiting & Training Cost Dealers Over $1 Billion a Year

Recruiting Costs for Auto Retailers

Let’s say 56% of the 17,953 new car dealerships (rooftops)* do recruiting for sales people, managers and other staff.  That’s 9,874 dealerships.
(* Urban Science Report March 2015)


Average monthly recruiting expenditure per dealership for non-sales or management positions.
(Auto Dealer Monthly article on Cost of Turnover – PDF)


Annual expenditure for recruiting costs per dealership (this does not include any recruiting company placement fees for managers or other dealership executive staff)
$ 36,000
Annual estimated expenditure for recruiting costs for 9,874 auto retailers
$ 355,464, 000

Training Costs for Auto Retailers

Number of new vehicle franchises in the U.S.
Monthly average expenditure for training per dealership. Includes in-house sales and management training, 20 Group Membership costs, along with fees and related costs for attending seminars, conferences, expositions, and other training events.
Annual expenditure for training per dealership ($3000 x 12 mos)
$ 36,000
Expenditure for 17,953 auto retailers per year

$ 646,308,000

Total spent for recruiting, hiring, and training costs for
auto retailers per year exceeds $1 Billion.


Saving just 20% of those costs would put over $200 million back on the bottom line of dealerships and
boost net revenue for auto dealers.

That means a dealership could recover $14,000 per year in this area by implementing a program that builds employee retention and cuts down on training costs. is designed to assist dealers in:

  • marketing
  • strengthening brand loyalty
  • building transparency
  • leveraging accountability to retain good employees
  • reducing expenditures for hiring & training
  • highlighting a stellar customer experience
  • establishing a competitive advantage

Our program is simple, cost effective and integrates easily into the daily work flow. 

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