Whose Responsible for the Customer Relationship?

Give Your Team Skin in the Game Dealerships take the heat for their people, but the reality is your team members in sales and service interact with customers every day and are the ones who “make or break” the relationships.

Problem is, too often your people feel they have no “skin in the game.” That means when a customer interaction goes bad, some employees don’t work as hard as they should to fix the issue.  This could happen for a myriad of reasons such as a bad nights sleep, a fight with a spouse, or even a crummy commission check.   Often the attitude of the employee is, “Hey it’s not my name on the sign out front, if the dealership has any problems, I can just go up the street and get another job.”

Your dealership needs to give your team “skin in the game.”
The dealership ‘owns’ the customer, the employee ‘owns’ the relationship.